China's Ninetowns (NINE): A good software play for 2005?

by: Ezra Marbach

The thinks so. Their other recent Chinese stock picks? Shanda Interactive (ticker: SNDA) and Netease (ticker: NTES). Since being recommended, both SNDA and NTES have seen their share prices drop. Here is the Fool's recommendation of Ninetowns (ticker: NINE):

Selling software in piracy-plagued China?
Don't worry. Ninetowns sells enterprise software that facilitates the
import/export process and government agencies aren't likely to skimp on
legalities here. If you figured that improving the inflow and outflow
of goods in China might be a pretty dynamic place to be, you're right.
Last year the company earned $0.57 per American Depositary Share (NYSE:ADS)
as net revenues rose by 52%.

This year the company is looking for earnings to come in between
$0.60 and $0.70 per share with revenues climbing another 39% higher. If
the earnings growth seems modest, that's because the company went
public in December and will be dividing its profits by 26% more diluted
shares. The upside? The IPO has the company sitting on nearly $3 a
share in cash.

Quick thought: For more on NINE's Q4 2004 earnings announcement, see here. For other recommendations from the Fool, click here.

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