eBay's Most Recent Weekly Listings Disappoint

| About: eBay Inc. (EBAY)
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Despite a 12.5% increase in core US listings from last week, US core listings Y/Y growth slowed to 10.2% (from 11.5%) last week. This is certainly a cause for concern. If this past week's promotion was not able to grow or even maintain Y/Y growth rates in the US, it is not difficult to predict a further slowdown in the upcoming weeks. The only consolation is that Q4 will benefit from improved revenue-per-listing from higher quality listings.

Listings data, according to Merrill Lynch, came in with total listings QTD (to 10 Nov) of 266.7 million (versus 233.6 million QTD in 2005) representing 14.2% Y/Y growth. Corresponding core listings stood at 223.5 million QTD (versus 204.5 million QTD in 2005) representing 9.3% Y/Y growth.

In other listings news, the Equinux team has released iSale version 3.0, the latest update to their multiple award-winning eBay (NASDAQ:EBAY) listing tool for Apple (OTC:APPL) users. A refreshed user interface and an even more streamlined listing process makes this a very efficient and effective application. Finally, this new version adds support for eBay Express in time for the holiday season.

Disclosure: Author is long eBay (EBAY) at time of writing.