StemCells Shares Jump On Clinical Trial News

by: H.S. Ayoub
StemCells (STEM) announced on Wednesday that the company dosed its first patient with adult neural stem cells for the phase I clinical trial treating Batten disease, a rare and fatal neurodegenerative condition afflicting infants and children.

Obviously, shares of StemCells jumped on the news, so did other stem cell companies, including Geron (NASDAQ:GERN), Aastrom (ASTM), Thermogenesis (NASDAQ:KOOL) and others.

But the excitement cannot be limited to the business community. Science and medicine as a whole will benefit by this pioneering clinical trial.

StemCells plans on dosing several other patients for this trial, and no matter who you are, whatever political party you belong to, or religious beliefs you harbor, you must be cheering on StemCells' quest.

This is why stem cell research can be a wild investment, no matter what the clinical results are. The fact that many are hopeful for a cure, and stem cell research continues to be controversial, investing in stem cell stocks will be risky and fun at the least, if not profitable.

BioHealth Investor will look at the stem cell industry and will attempt to feature as many stem cell companies as possible in an upcoming article.

STEM 1-yr chart:

StemCells chart