Halter China Index (HXC) announces changes - implications for a China ETF

by: Ezra Marbach

One way to invest in China is buying exchange-traded funds (ETFs). One China ETF to consider is the PowerShares Golden Dragon Halter USX China Portfolio (ticker: PGJ). PGJ is comprised of companies in the Halter USX China Index. Halter recently added 5 new companies to its Index:

Here is the list of new additions:

  • China Netcom (ticker: CN), a fixed-line telecommunications operator.
  • Comtech Group (ticker: COGO) a module design solutions provider, focused on the mobile handset and telecom equipment industries.
  • International DisplayWorks (ticker: IDWK), a designer, manufacturer and supplier of liquid crystal display (LCD) products.
  • Ninetowns Digital (ticker: NINE), a software company, which enables enterprises and trade-related government agencies to streamline the import / export process.
  • The9 (ticker: NCTY), an online game operator and developer.

Thought: The Halter Index is comprised of companies whose common stock is publicly traded in the United States. The companies must conduct a majority of business in Mainland China, maintain an average market capitalization of over $50 million for the preceding 40 trading days, trade on the NYSE, Amex or NASDAQ, and be approved by the USX Selection Committee.

Investors can buy the Index by investing in exchange traded fund (ETF), PowerShares Golden Dragon Halter USX China Portfolio (ticker: PGJ).

For a list of the 48 companies comprising the index, visit Halter's website:

For more on the Halter Index and exchange-traded fund, PGJ, click here.

PGJ's year-to-date performance: