9 Top Search Engine Stocks

by: Stockerblog

comScore (NASDAQ:SCOR), the organization that provides information relating to online marketing data, recently came out with its ranking of United States search engines. comScore happens to be a publicly traded company, traded on the NASDAQ, and has a price to earnings ratio of 128.

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG), the largest search engine in the world, is still at the top of the list with over 64.4% of the share of total searches. This is a slight drop from the previous month. The stock has a P/E of 22.

In second place is Yahoo (YHOO), which has about 17.7% of the share of searches, an increase of 0.8% over the previous month. The stock has a P/E ratio of 26.5.

Although it's a very small portion of its business, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) does have its own search engine through Bing and MSN.com, and has 11.8% share of the search engine market. Microsoft also owns msdewey.com. Microsoft has a P/E of 13, and pays a yield of 2%.

Ask.com, in fourth place, is owned by the Oakland, California based IAC/InterActiveCorp (IACI). Ask has 3.7% of the share of searches. IAC has recently generated negative earnings.

AOL (NYSE:AOL), which used to have a big share, now has less than 2.5% of the market in terms of search engine searches. AOL has a P/E of 10.

The Internet search engine Baidu.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:BIDU) is the leading search engine in China. The company, which was founded in 2000, has a P/E of 94.

InfoSpace Inc. (NYSE:INSP) has several search engines including Dogpile.com, InfoSpace.com, Webcrawler.com, and MetaCrawler.com. The stock has a P/E of 20.

Amazon.com (NASDAQ:AMZN) owns the e-commerce search engine A9.com, which utilizes Live Search. Amazon has a P/E of 52.

Disclosure: Author owns AOL, AMZN, and MSFT.