Cramer's Lightning Round - Double Down on Sprint (6/18/10)

by: Miriam Metzinger

Stocks discussed on the lightning round session of Jim Cramer's Mad Money TV Program, Friday June 18.

Bullish Calls:

Sprint-Nextel (NYSE:S): "I want you to double down right here… Sprint’s quality is up… enrollments are up… Sprint’s guy Dan Hesse, he is doing a really good job… I want you to take down more Sprint… I want you to buy, buy, buy."

Vertex Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:VRTX): "Yes, I have always liked their hepatitis franchise… I have always been a big fan of Vertex… and I'm proud to admit that at one time I was an investor in Vertex when it started… so I think that it is terrific."

J.M Smucker Company (NYSE:SJM): "You are dead right… this was the one stock that we said to buy in the Game Plan ahead of the quarter because of the Folgers acquisition… I do listen to the conference call... it was magnificent… this company was firing off of all cylinders… it is not done yet… up big yesterday, up big again today… buy, buy, buy!... and I like your price target… and I share in it."

Cree (NASDAQ:CREE), Cirrus Logic (NASDAQ:CRUS): "I think Cree is terrific… this is lighting for smart phones.. it is great… Is it as good as Cirrus Logic, which does the sound for smart phones? Cirrus Logic has just been an unbelievable company… I am so glad that I brought it to a lot of people's attention… because last night at the ballpark people were telling me, 'Thank you for Cirrus'… but I do like Cree."

Banco Santander (STD): "Well, okay, in the time since I first criticized Santander, you know that I have liked it for a long time… they have made a series of moves that are really incredible… they bought out the Mexican part, the bank of Mexico… Now they are buying the branches of Royal Bank of Scotland … there is lots of talk... that they are going to merge M&T Bank Corp.… these are all good because they reduce the Spanish exposure tremendously… and sure enough the bond auction went well… so Santander is making many, many right moves… so I think the answer is that it is becoming an accidental high yielder.. .they swear by the dividend… they have really made a lot of moves in the last month that are most, most impressive…I've got to give them their due."

First American Financial Corporation (NYSE:FAF): "Title insurance, I do not know… everyone says that there is going to be a decline in transactions… in mortgages.. I think they are wrong… because mortgage rates are so low… they are saying it is because of the tax credit.. this quarter I do not think will be that strong… but next quarter will be good… so if you can wait a quarter, then go ahead and do it."

SPX Corporation (SPW): "I think this is an excellent manufacturer… I am going to ask you to stay with it… why? Because they are great… they will deal with the European problems… they actually are having a decent quarter… SPW is for me… I bless it… I bless you."

Bearish Calls:

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (NASDAQ:GMCR): "I do not know what to say, I have got a Keurig at work … and I love it… I have got a Keurig at home and I love it… but the stock has had a tough run because of the merger… I have to see a really great quarter before I can pull the trigger again… I just cannot get behind Green Mountain Coffee right now.. I just can’t."


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