Cramer's Lightning Round - Tenet: Good Stock, Bad Market (6/22/10)

by: Miriam Metzinger

Stocks discussed on the lightning round session of Jim Cramer's Mad Money TV Program, Tuesday June 22.

Bullish Calls (NASDAQ:BIDU): "I do not like any Chinese stock other than Baidu."

Bearish Calls

Tenet Healthcare (NYSE:THC): "We have got a terrible market… and you have to understand that Tenet is right.. your instincts are right… it is a better company… but it does not matter because we know have stocks, $4 and $5 stocks that are just getting killed here… because in 2 days we have given up the gains of one week… don’t take your eye off the ball… the fundamentals are good… but unfortunately, the stock right now is bad."

Chico's FAS (NYSE:CHS): "I think that Chico’s is rolling over here.. I think that Chico’s had this really fabulous run from the bottom… and I do not want to touch it now… we really want to go with a little conservative here… I think that Chico’s does not have it going… I do not like the fashion retailers… yes they are a fashion retailer... don't buy, don't buy."

Walgreen (WAG): "I did not like the quarter… and I have got to tell you something, this is one bad acting stock…now, should that matter? At my old trading job where I used to run $500m, a bad acting stock… we would go look into it… what would we find? We would see the terrible earnings report that you saw today… and we would say that this stock is going to $24 or $25... and if you can handle that house of pain… then you can average down at $25... but otherwise I do not like what I see."

Deer Consumer Products (NASDAQ:DEER): "Alright, now this company sounds like it is absolutely made for the Chinese stimulus program… where they are giving money to consumers… it is a consumer play… a Chinese play… so why do I not like it? Because I do not like any Chinese stock other than … they are in a bear market there… and the government controls way too much… I have got to tell you that I am deeply suspicious of the Chinese stock market… even though I admire the Communists for being great capitalists."


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