Reduce Your Portfolio's Downside Risk Before The Coming Market Correction

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  • US stock markets are now at the end of a 5-year bull run.
  • Consensus is that a correction is due, or already may be underway.
  • Now is the time to evaluate your portfolio for weaknesses in balance and holdings.
  • A guide is presented to evaluate the downside risks of individual stocks in a correction.

I'm sure I do not have to tell you that the stock market has been in an upward trend now for five years. As much as there has ever been in my lifetime, this has been a bull market. The Dow Jones Industrial average rose from 8,000 to over 16,000 in the period for a 102% gain. We certainly hope it will keep rising. However, the odds are we are either due for or in the beginning of a correction.

The Market Will Act Like the Market

There is a growing consensus that we are well overdue for a correction of 10% to 15% or 20%. This is not empty speculation, but is based on historical patterns as well as changes that are going on now in the economy and the market.

We know that the economy and the market have been artificially stimulated and that the market has responded in lockstep with the release of money from the Fed. As we all know, that is going to stop. One would be naive to believe that the economy and corporate earnings are strong enough to continue the upward trend in the market. The TTM P/E ratio is at about 19, not nosebleed territory, but well above the norm. A more normal P/E of 16 would put the market at 13,400, a 17.5% decline from its present level. I quote The Reformed Broker,

"Since the end of World War II (1945), there have been 27 corrections of 10% or more, versus only 12 full-blown bear markets (with losses of 20% +). The average decline during these 27 episodes has been 13.3% and they've taken an average of 71 days to play out (just over three months). The most recent correction took place in 2011, between the end of April into the end of September. The Dow dropped roughly 16%. The S&P 500 actually dropped

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