Beijing Med-Pharm Volume Jumps 450%

| About: BMP Sunstone (BJGP)
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Trading in Beijing Med-Pharm Corporation (BJGP) surged almost 6x the 3-month daily average volume on Wednesday, with no news releases or significant events that could be detected.

Almost 180 thousand shares traded, while the 3-month daily average volume is just above 30 thousand.

Beijing Med-Pharm is an end-to-end pharmaceutical distributor headquartered in the U.S., but caters to Western drug companies who intend on marketing to China.

Some of the company's services include pre-market analysis, clinical trial management, market research, and pharmaceutical distribution to physicians and other healthcare providers.

The company holds almost $4 million in cash, but carries a small debt of only $800 thousand as last reported on Yahoo! Finance.

Shares of the company's tock ended trading on Wednesday at $5.55 a share, and made a new intraday high of $6.10.

Beijing Med-Pharm has made BHI's Watch List.

BJGP 1-yr chart:

BJGP chart