Credit Default Swaps Widen on Greek, French Sovereign Debt

by: Research Recap

The spreads on credit default swaps can be useful indicator of changing market sentiment. A widening of the spread signifies improving performance relative to historical levels, while a tightening indicates the opposite. We are pleased to offer a complimentary download of Fitch Rating’s weekly Risk and Performance Monitor, which tracks these trends.

Selected Excerpts:

  • Globally, CDS spreads resumed widening, nearly 2% on average, after a brief rebound the week before. Equity markets were stable overall, with the five-year Probability of Default (PD) Index remaining largely unchanged.
  • Sovereigns led the CDS widening last week, moving out almost 5% and driving the Average Relative Differential (NYSE:ARD) for the sector higher.

CDS on Greece reached the widest levels seen since the beginning of the sovereign crisis, while CDS on France widened 27%.

  • Financials lagged the overall market, widening 2.2% on average, and are now pricing 6% wide of historical trading levels. European banks, in particular, widened more than 5%, as worries surrounding the expiration of the European Central Bank’s (ECB) 12-month bank-lending program rattled the credit markets.
  • CDS widening within the oil and gas industry outpaced the broader market last week, and the sector continues to price, on average, 32% wide of historical levels.
  • The basic materials sector outperformed across both the debt and equity markets last week.
  • The cost of credit protection on technology firms grew less than 1% and is pricing, on average, more than 4% tight of historical levels.

Companies highlighted include: BNP Paribas, Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation, Red Electrica Corp SA, Clariant AG, Heineken NV, Adidas,GlobalSantaFe Corporation, Hasbro Inc., Halliburton Company, Motorola, Inc., Transalta Corporation, Tyco Electronics Ltd.

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