Top Debt-Free Stocks Selling at Cash

Includes: EA, FORM
by: Stockerblog

Who wouldn't like debt free stocks selling at or near cash. These are stocks which have virtually no debt and are trading close to the amount of cash the company has per share. Without any debt and a lot of cash, it would be hard for a company to go out of business. In addition, the cash can make the company a possible takeover candidate. just updated its list of Low Price to Cash Ratio Stocks with No Debt, which shows the recent price, cash per share, forward PE, and price per cash ratio. All the stocks have price to cash ratios less than 4.

As an example, Electronic Arts Inc. (ERTS), the video game manufacturer, has $6.05 in cash per share, with the stock selling at 14.33, giving it a 2.37 price to cash ratio. The company, with no debt, has a forward PE of 16.5.

FormFactor Inc. (NASDAQ:FORM) is another stock with lots of cash. This debt-free manufacturer of semiconductor wafer probe card products, which sells for 10.52 per share, has a significant 8.66 per share in cash.

Disclosure: Author does not own any of the above stocks.