Cramer's Mad Money - A Trader's Trash Is An Investor's Treasure (4/17/14)

by: Miriam Metzinger

Stocks discussed on the in-depth session of Jim Cramer's Mad Money TV Program, Thursday April 17.

A Trader's Trash Is an Investor's Treasure: IBM (NYSE:IBM), Google (NASDAQ:GOOG), (NASDAQ:GOOGL). Other stocks mentioned: Zebra (NASDAQ:ZBRA), Celldex (NASDAQ:CLDX), B&G Foods (NYSE:BGS)

Some dips are made to be bought. We might not like what caused the pullback, but it might be worth taking advantage of "buyable dips" like Google (GOOG), (GOOGL) and IBM (IBM). Both disappointed with their earnings reports and declined afterwards. Investing in these stocks involves long-term decision-making rather than trading around catalysts. Google's "crime" was that it missed the street's estimates, but Google's management doesn't help analysts make these estimates. It is a "rare bird," in that Google's management doesn't give guidance. When Google misses, it is far less important than when other companies miss, because analysts are forming estimates with a lack of information. Google is growing at a 19% rate but has a multiple of only 17; money managers are likely to start buying this stock on the decline. Based on these numbers, Google is one of the cheapest stocks in the S&P 500. Management is investing money for its future rather than buying back stock and has a game plan to more effectively monetize mobile.

IBM reported a decline in revenue growth, "miserable" earnings and "suspect" cash flow. IBM is, however, a value stock based on next year's earnings with a new hardware cycle and improved cloud innovations. Cramer suggests buying IBM now when it is "on sale."

Cramer took some calls:

B&G Foods (BGS) is an attractive idea with a 4.3% yield. The stock didn't report a good quarter, but it is well-managed. Cramer would take some profits off the top and let the rest run.

Zebra (ZBRA) is "really good. You will hear much more from me about Zebra in the next two weeks," said Cramer.

Celldex (CLDX): "We caught a double, we left it, and we have not looked back."

CEO Interview: John McAvoy, Consolidated Edison (NYSE:ED)

Consolidated Edison (ED) is a leading energy provider for New York City and surrounding areas, and has the largest underground electric system in the country. ED doesn't own power generation assets, and therefore, is immunized against aggressive EPA action and volatile commodity costs. However, ED has to deal with aging infrastructure, and CEO John McAvoy discussed the aggressive plans for infrastructure renewal as well as converting more buildings from oil use to gas. The stock has a generous yield of 4.5%, and may get sold along with other high-yielders when interest rates increase. The stock has risen 87% since Cramer got behind it in 2009, and while this is less than the increase for the S&P 500, ED is a stock many people own for dividend protection rather than for a radical increase in share price. The company is developing a device that is connected to wifi and will allow the user to adjust the thermostat or air conditioner from a smart device. The company is involved with solar energy in a wholesale context and is in the process of facilitating solar use. Cramer thinks ED is a solid, high-yielding stock.

CEO Interview: Nicholas Pinchuk, Snap On (NYSE:SNA)

Snap On (SNA) makes premium tools for a variety of clients, including those in the automotive, aerospace and agriculture industries. It has an overseas business and is a non-stop innovator. The company beat earnings by 8 cents on revenues that rose 6.2% yoy. Its commercial and industrial sales were up 9% thanks to the huge turn in the European segment. The stock has risen 23% since Cramer last spoke to CEO Nicholas Pinchuk in July, and Cramer thinks the stock has further to run.

The CEO discussed how the company innovates with its tools based on the company's understanding about the realities of the workplace. Snap On began as an automotive company, but has extended to industries that require "reliability and repeatability" from tools. While some criticized the company's move into Europe, global expansion has been successful. China's cars are relatively new compared to those in the West, and the repair cycle in China has just begun. Cramer is bullish on Snap On.

CEO Interview: Beth Mooney, KeyCorp (NYSE:KEY)

The banks became real "dogs" for a while before earnings season, and then some financials reported decent quarters. KeyCorp (KEY) is a regional bank that beat earnings estimates by 2 cents, with in-line revenues, 4% loan growth and a 9% rise in commercial lending. If interest rates increase, KeyCorp should be a main beneficiary. The company has buyback authorization and it has been approved to increase its dividend. The stock has gained 16% since Cramer spoke to CEO Beth Mooney in October. KeyCorp expects more loan growth and more opportunities to return capital to shareholders. "This is the best performance of any of the bank stocks I follow," said Cramer.


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