Promising New Memory Chip Prototyped By IBM, Macronix and Qimonda

Includes: IBM, MXICY, QI
by: SA Editors

Scientists from IBM, Qimonda AG and Macronix International will today disclose promising research results on "phase-change" memory -- one of the technologies pegged to replace both flash memory (used in USB thumb-drives and camera/portable device memory) and possibly even standard hard drives. Phase-change memory promises a low-cost solution to the leakage problems and electrical demands of nano-scale flash memory, while functioning at more than 500x the speed. Intel, along with partner Ovonyx and STMicroelectronics, announced another prototype phase-change memory device earlier this year. The IBM/Qimonda/Macronix team created phase-change memory cells of just 20 nanometers -- three times smaller than advanced flash chips currently on sale.
• Sources: Press release, Wall St. Journal, AFX, Inquirer
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• Potentially impacted stocks and ETFs: IBM (NYSE:IBM), Macronix (MXIC), Qimonda (QI), Competitors: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC), STMicroelectronics (NYSE:STM)

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