Jim Cramer's Mad Money Lightning Round Picks, Dec. 19

by: Miriam Metzinger

Miriam Metzinger submits: Stocks discussed in the lightning round session of Jim Cramer’s Mad Money TV program, Tuesday December 19. Click on a stock ticker for more analysis:

Bullish calls:

Cemex (NYSE:CX): 'CX is one of the best stocks out there. ... CX - the Mexican cement company that's buying American companies... that one's for me. I'm giving it two thumbs up.'
BEA Systems (BEAS): 'They are saying this BEAS hasn't taken off since Cramer recommended it. So, therefore, it must have no mojo, and they could not be more wrong. If you look at the Oracle quarter, after that disappointment, you can see it cries out for an acquisition. It needs China play. You know what that spells: BEAS.'
Allegheny Technologies (NYSE:ATI):
'I say you should only playing with the house's money right now. This company produces stainless steel - but much more important - it makes titanium for BA. It makes airplane titanium, therefore, it is still too cheap. I bless it, anytime it's under $90.'
Occidental Petroleum (NYSE:OXY): I think OXY's good. There's like a scale here, of which are the companies most levered to crude: The company that should go up or down with the crude is OXY. The least levered is XOM. I like to have a little bit of both.'
Exxon Mobil (NYSE:XOM): 'I don't like to be unlevered like XOM, although I know it's going higher. '
Chevron (NYSE:CVX): 'So I settle on CVX, which is my fave, for those of you who want steady income. It yields 2.75%, and it just seems to always have a bid underneath, but it doesn't go down.'
Devon Energy (NYSE:DVN): 'And, for those who want to roll the dice, I talk about the stock that got downgraded today, criminally and wrong, which is DVN. DVN's good.'

Bearish calls:

Smith & Wesson (SWHC): 'I don't like the stock. SWHC was one we nailed in the $5-6 range. When it got to $14, we said we be hogs.'
JDSU (JDSU): 'JDSU - I have been over that quarter with a fine-tooth comb... I think that JDSU - and let me roll up in CIEN - these I call - these are 'too hard' because they're too likely to give you (an electric shock sound).'
Ciena (NASDAQ:CIEN): 'I feel very strongly that anybody who calls me with the JDSU or the CIEN... I would tell you that they should buy CSCO.'
Allied Waste (AW): 'You know, I was going to recommend this stock. I feel like this is the best one of the waste removal companies, but here's your problem: It grows at 13%, and it sells at 24x earnings. On Jim Cramer's Mad Money, the upper limit is 26x. So, if I told you to buy this at $12, I'd have to tell you to ring the register at $14. So, the answer is 'don't buy, don't buy.'

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