More Flash-Crash Games: This Time, In Apple

Includes: AAPL, QQQ
by: Karl Denninger

And this time, it's not in a small company with a tiny trading volume:

On a single 1-minute bar, with over 1 million shares, or nearly $300 million dollars.

Rumors, games, or what?

Folks, this sort of crap is totally out of hand. And it's now a daily game that's being played by the machines, which are the only things that can react with this sort of speed, and they're guaranteed to screw you, the average investor or trader.

Go ahead, keep thinking you can invest. Keep thinking you can apply some sort of reasonable risk control to your investments, such as stop-loss orders. Keep thinking that those orders aren't instantly visible to people who shouldn't be able to see them, and who will as a consequence use their computers to instantly rape your stops at the narrowest opportunity, and who take essentially no risk in doing so, as they have the microsecond computer connection and you do not.

Keep believing in the scam, folks... just don't say I didn't warn you when you pull your stops due to all these games, and then the "real one" comes - the move down that doesn't immediately retrace - and you come home to find 10, 20, even 30% of your retirement vaporized.


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