Tesla Releases Its Patents To Fight Toyota And Hyundai

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  • Tesla recently released its patents to everyone, but this perhaps will help attract automakers to the Lithium-Ion battery.
  • Thanks to the Gigafactory, Tesla can became the largest producer (and supplier) of Lithium-Ion batteries.
  • If other automakers adopt the Lithium-Ion battery, Tesla can use its growing network of charging stations to make an additional profit.

On June 12, Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) announced that it would open its years of innovation and developments to competitors and not sue anyone who infringed on their 100s of patents. That means that anyone can use the technology that took Tesla years to create.

As pointed out by the Washington Post, Tesla's open source approach reminds us how our patent system needs reform. Patents only last a set amount of time (approximately 20 years), and often it costs more to enforce them than gained in a legal victory.

While there is plenty of reform needed to the legal world, Elon Musk is taking a stand to bring that debate to the forefront while revealing Tesla's plan. Tesla's patents in no way secured it a large lead over its competitors. In fact, competitors to Tesla have been emerging in recent months, including VIA Motors and Harley-Davidson (HOG).

Harley Davidson recently released an electric motorcycle, while VIA Motors is offering electric alternatives to vans and trucks. While these are not direct competitors to Tesla's sedans, they do show the shift in attention to electric vehicles. Combined with Chevrolet's Volt (GM) and the Nissan Leaf (OTCPK:NSANY), the electric vehicle market is becoming crowded behind Tesla. With the availability of Tesla's patents to other electric vehicle manufacturers (who have more resources than Tesla), the gap should continue to shrink.

Tesla should be able to expand from their current market share in the high-end vehicle segment, though I do have my doubts about the Model E. We now know that its release is roughly one year away, however the extent of its success remains unclear.

With another year of EV advancement, it remains unclear what the competition will bring. In my opinion, however, Tesla will gain from the advancement of its competitors.

There are two major

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