Introducing Seeking Alpha's New ETF Hub

by: Jonathan Liss


Last week Seeking Alpha rolled out the ETF Hub with the goal of significantly enhancing the 'SA experience' for serious ETF investors.

The ETF Hub combines quantitative and qualitative analysis as well as full portfolio integration into an easy-to-use web-based tool.

We invite you give the ETF Hub a test drive- and firmly believe that before long, it will be an integral part of your daily work flow.

As the old saying goes, there's more than one way to skin a cat. Here at Seeking Alpha, we feel the same sentiment can be applied to achieving one's investing goals.

While we've recently ratcheted up our focus on in-depth single stock analysis - expanding our coverage through SA Pro to thousands of mid-, small- and micro-cap stocks with little to no sell-side analysis - our approach to the managed fund space and portfolio strategy has been more hands-off. Until now.

Introducing SA's ETF Hub

The ETF Hub is a first for Seeking Alpha - and something we're extremely excited about. What makes the ETF Hub particularly unique is that it combines 3 disparate elements not normally packaged together into a single, easy-to-use web-based tool. By combining a powerful screener with some of the best ETF analysis on the web (most of it available only on SA) and including full SA portfolio integration, investors can now easily access both quantitative and qualitative research, while adding the ETFs of their choice to their SA portfolios and signing up for our real-time alerts.

Not Your Grandmother's Fund Screener

The combination of so many different elements within a single investing tool is unprecedented on many levels. The typical fund screener offers only quantitative data. The sites hosting these screeners rarely have more than a smattering of content on most funds and so conducting qualitative fund research involves scouring the web for relevant articles, one ticker at a time. And once an investor has finally assembled their watchlist or purchased the funds they have been researching, they need to continue to stay on top of their funds one by one, in what can be a painstaking, time-consuming process. Not so with SA's ETF Hub, which combines all of these elements into a single investing tool.

Elements of Successful ETF Investing

With SA's ETF Hub, investors can locate the funds they want either via our proprietary mapping of asset classes and investing themes, by using various data overlays, or by combining both of these elements to produce the desired set of results. Toggling between various tabs and using the sort functionality allows the user to rank funds by 15 key attributes.

To the right of the ETF Selector, our 'Preset Screens' offer suggestions to get users thinking about different ways to combine asset classes and data filters to produce more focused, targeted results sets.

As the user gradually tweaks and refines their results, the space directly below the results dynamically populates with the most relevant news and analysis on both the funds and asset classes they are proxies for. All content is culled from SA's extensive archive of actionable investing articles and news briefs.

Once the user has finished conducting their full due diligence, the 'Portfolio' box on the right side of the screen lets users either build a new ETF portfolio from scratch, or add funds to one of their existing portfolios. Full integration into SA's current portfolio functionality lets users view their portfolio through an 'ETF' prism, with additional relevant datapoints that are particularly relevant to ETFs. And by signing up for real-time alerts on the funds in your portfolio, we will bring relevant news and analysis directly to your inbox and mobile devices, making sure you stay informed in a timely and comprehensive manner.

A Little Help From Our Friends

None of this would have been possible without assistance from the folks over at PowerShares. We relied on their expertise at nearly every step along the way. Their insistence on a fully transparent and unbiased user experience makes them the ideal partner and we have nothing but praise and thanks to offer them.

So without further ado, we invite you give the ETF Hub a test drive. We firmly believe that before long, it will be an integral part of your daily work flow.

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