Kopin Corporation: Wearable Products With Near Eye Displays, One OEM To Supply Them All?

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  • Near Eye Displays which are small, light, power-efficient and deliver daylight readability are critical to the success of head worn wearables.
  • Near Eye Display module durability will be a determinant for partners and customers when choosing a supplier.
  • Over the past two decades Kopin (NASDAQ:KOPN) has demonstrated the key advantages of its CyberDisplay transmissive LCD panels and evolved into a developer of complete optical engines for near-eye applications.
  • Kopin is positioned to become the global supplier of choice for high quality, cost effective near-eye display modules for wearable products.

In previous articles, we have explored the strength of Kopin's licensable intellectual property beyond their component display business. In this summary, we will review their core product line of transmissive LCD microdisplays in the context of enabling head worn wearable products. We will also touch on some advances in ergonomics that Kopin has demonstrated publicly and in patent filings.

Relentless Pursuit of the Perfect Micro-Display: CyberDisplay

Long before the wearable technology market emerged as "the next big thing" Kopin (NASDAQ:KOPN) was working on shrinking LCD panels to a size small enough that could deliver information discretely near-to-eye. You see, if you combine a low power miniaturized display with a magnifying optical lens, you can create an effective laptop size screen for the user. The advantages of this have become obvious in the past two years with various head worn prototypes being shown, including Google's Glass product. However, back in the early 1990's other key technologies were missing which could pair with Kopin's displays to create head worn wearable devices.

While awaiting improvements in key areas such as wireless networking and battery life, Kopin targeted markets where their technology would be adopted quickly and support further development of their displays: consumer camcorders (remember those?) and DSLR cameras. In the end, Kopin successfully supplied over 20 million displays for camcorder electronic viewfinders (EVFs) and also penetrated the DSLR market in later years.

Success in these two areas as well as in the military arena have proved that Kopin's transmissive CyberDisplay LCD products:

  • Deliver high quality images with low power requirements
  • Are producible in large quantities without yield issues resulting in low unit cost to vendors
  • Are extremely durable and rugged across a wide operating range

One of the reasons that Kopin has achieved such success with their displays is their decision

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