Cramer's Mad Money - The Single Most Important Conference Call (11/19/10)

by: Miriam Metzinger

Stocks discussed on the in-depth session of Jim Cramer's Mad Money TV Program, Friday November 19.

Game Plan: Hewlett Packard (NYSE:HPQ), JCrew (JCG), Cracker Barrel (NASDAQ:CBRL), Deere (NYSE:DE)

Hewlett Packard (HPQ) on Friday will give the "single most important conference call of the week;" if HPQ reports strong numbers, tech will rally.

JCrew (JCG), which reports on Tuesday, is six points down from its low. With the stock currently in "No man's land," JCG could see a decline to $30 if the news is not better. However, the stock could soar on good news. While he thinks JCG is the best-run apparel company in the world, he would buy it only if it declines after its earnings report.

Cracker Barrel (CBRL) is one of Cramer's favorite stories and has a buyback that is "the real thing." He is hoping the stock declines after its earnings call on Tuesday so investors can pick up some cheap shares.

While Deere (DE) is the best agricultural company out there, it tends to have "the most abysmal conference calls" of any company. Cramer would use this opportunity to buy the stock on weakness.

CEO Interview: Alan McKim, Clean Harbors (NYSE:CLH), BP (NYSE:BP)

While the government might not be so great at averting environmental disasters, it certainly knows who to call when a cleanup is needed. Clean Harbors (CLH) was the company that cleaned up the BP (BP) spill, and since then, CEO Alan McKim says the company is seeing an uptick in business. The company has 65% market share in the incinerator space and controls 16% of the landfill business. CLH has contracts with refineries, mining businesses and power plants.

Cramer recommended the stock in June when it traded at $67, but suggested buying it on a pullback. After falling to the low $60s, CLH is now trading at $72.09. The stock sells at 22 times earnings with a 21% growth rate; Cramer thinks the stock has significant upside potential.

McKim has seen waste disposal picking up along with the economy, particularly in the chemicals and the refining spaces. It is unlikely that a new competitor will arise, since it is hard to secure contracts for incinerators. New regulations for pharma will help the company's medical waste disposal segment. Concerning natural gas and fracking, McKim said "I am so excited with the natural gas opportunities." While natural gas companies insist that fracking is a safe way to extract fuel, with the explosion in mining, there are bound to be cleanups needed; "We want to be the company everyone calls to handle fracking." CLH has thousands of contracts for its response service and is expanding its business into the oil sands.

Cramer says the stock is cheap and he would buy it on Monday.

Ameresco (NYSE:AMRC)

Cramer has said that wind and solar stocks are too dangerous even as speculation plays. How does an investor get green exposure? Buy companies that increase energy efficiency and provide cleaner fuel alternatives.

Energy consumes a huge chunk of many companies' budgets; A full 31% of the expenses involved in running an office are energy-related. Ameresco, the largest independent energy services provider in the U.S. designs systems that reduce energy consumption for office buildings. Cramer says the bullish story on AMRC is a "no brainer" and the company has plenty of room to grow. It is not dependent on any one client and has significant revenue visibility with a backlog of $1 billion. The design of all of Ameresco's products are in-house, while other companies outsource their work. While the stock has been moving lower, Cramer thinks the company's large impressive backlog combined with increasing demand for energy efficient products make Ameresco a "smart speculation."

A Tale of Two Filtration Plays: Pall (NYSE:PLL), Donaldson (NYSE:DCI)

Continuing on the theme of "cleaner" or "slightly less brown" companies rather than with green companies, Cramer discussed two filtration plays: Pall (PLL) and Donaldson (DCI). Pall is in the health and industrial filtration business and is diversified in its international reach, with its sales evenly divided between North America, Europe and Asia.The market for industrial filtration is expected to grow from $8 billion to $11 billion by 2016, and during the same time period, Pall's market share should increase from 13-17%. Pall is cutting costs and expects to double cash flow between 2010 and 2013. Donaldson makes filters for engines and for household use, and saw a 12 cent earnings beat on its recent quarter. With a 12% growth rate, Donaldson's multiple of 18 is low, and Cramer thinks the company is lowballing estimates and may deliver an upside surprise for the next quarter.


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