ArmorGroup Acquires Neil Young Associates

| About: Armorgroup Intl. (AMGPF)
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When I first mentioned ArmorGroup International (OTC:AMGPF), I speculated on several ways we could see its value realized. One of those ways was that ArmorGroup would make strategic acquisitions. (You can read the other possibilities near the end of my original rationale for owning the stock.)

ArmorGroup yesterday announced purchasing Neil Young Associates -- a kidnapping and extortion prevention company. This is a small acquisition with a pricetag of just under $2 million:

Neil Young (presumably no relation to the rock star with the same name) founded NYA in 1990. It "operates on a global basis and has particular expertise in providing governments, international corporations and private individuals with kidnap and extortion (K&R) prevention, training and response services, as well as other consultancy services," said the bulletin. "NYA is a recognized world leader in this highly specialized market, and is an approved K&R consultancy for most of the world's largest insurers and specialist risks brokers. NYA's exclusively retained consultants come from a variety of backgrounds, including the British Special Forces and intelligence services, and have worked on over 180 cases of kidnap for ransom and extortion in many different parts of the world."

According to the linked report, the kidnapping prevention business is growing by 10% to 15% a year. What a world. ;-)