Update: Ausdrill Takes An Impairment Charge

| About: Ausdrill Ltd. (AUSDF)
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Ausdrill has announced it will take a $60-90M impairment charge, mainly on its goodwill.

This is absolutely not unexpected as I already wrote the goodwill down to zero in my previous article.

Now the share price has dipped again, this might be a good opportunity to buy some shares being sold by weak hands.

Last month, I wrote an article on Ausdrill (OTCPK:AUSDF) stating that the company was trading at just a fraction of its book value and that it had a very big cushion which would withstand a harsh impairment charge. Now Ausdrill has announced it effectively is taking an impairment charge of approximately $60-90M on its assets and predominantly on the value of its goodwill. This was caused by the continuously weak iron ore market and 'continued market challenges'.

This doesn't come as a surprise as everybody agrees and could have seen the commodity markets weren't exactly in recovery mode. That was also the reason why I gave some attention to the book value -specifically mentioning the possibility of an impairment charge - of the company to see if there was some kind of cushion. As I concluded that the company was trading at a discount of 65% to its book value of $826M and I already made an allowance by putting the value of the goodwill ($72M) at zero, which is exactly what will happen now. So this impairment charge definitely is something I had anticipated and the company's book value will drop by less than 10%.

Ausdrill's share price immediately increased by 20-25% within the first few weeks after the article had been published, but doubters now get a second chance to invest as the share price has dipped below a dollar again on news which shouldn't have surprised anyone. I remain cautious but would like to emphasize again that even after the maximal impairment charge of $90M the discount to the book value will still be 60%.

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