MVC Capital: Pay Close Attention

Includes: AFC, MVC
by: Valueinvestor07

MVC Capital (NYSE:MVC), a company that I have followed for some time now since Michael Tokarz took it over, released an annual report yesterday.

They have expanded their capital base significantly in 2006, through a 100 million dollar term loan, unlike some business development companies that sell equity on a regular basis to expand their operations. Though not as appealing a value as in the past, the company performed spectacularly in 2006 (it expanded it's net asset value 47.33 million dollars).

Despite the controversy over Allied Capital Corporation (NYSEARCA:ALD), which operates in a similar space as MVC, MVC appears to be a much more transparent and well managed company. Definitely a company to pay close attention to.

Here is an article regarding the operations of MVC.

MVC vs. ALD 1-yr chart

mvc chart