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A Green Light for Yellow by Tom Sullivan

Summary: Shares of freight-carrier YRC Worldwide (NASDAQ:YRCW), formerly Yellow Roadway, now near $40, are down about 10% since November, historically the peak time for truckers as retailers build up inventory ahead of the holidays. In mid-December, YRCW stunned the market by lowering its Q4 earnings estimate to $0.95-$1.05/share, down from $1.40-$1.50, and dropping its 2006 full-year earnings outlook to $5-$5.10 a share, from $5.45-$5.55. Yet despite an uncertain outlook for the economy and the trucking industry, the stock looks cheap -- maybe even dirt cheap. Oil prices recently hit 18-month lows, cutting fuel costs. And the company is a solid cash generator: in the past 12 months it produced $884 million in cash-flow, up 11% from 2005, helping it pay down about $200 million of debt. Standard & Poor's recently noted that YRCW's operating margins are solid and that its business-risk profile is "satisfactory because it has a leading market share." The company also has "a small, but growing, China operation," which is taking advantage of that booming economy. Bottom Line: 2007 earnings could come in well above the Street's expectations, and shares could climb above $60.
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