Update: Plug Power Earnings

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Q2 2014 EPS reported of $0.02 per share compared to ($0.14) in the year ago period.

Q2 revenue reported was $17.3M million, up 131% Y/Y.

The Q2 report has confirmed my earlier opinion of the stock.

Plug Power (NASDAQ:PLUG) reported earnings today that were roughly in line with analyst EPS and revenue estimates. EPS came in at $0.02 (negative $0.04 excluding an adjustment for fair value of common stock warrants). Revenue came in at $17.3 million, which was $570,000 above estimates. As of 8:30 this morning, shares are expected to open up strongly.

Notable items from Plug's press release include:

  • Gross margin of 17% in the "Product" segment.
  • Negative 38% overall operating margin.
  • Cash and cash equivalents of $168.6 million.

The revenue growth at Plug is ramping up and the balance sheet is currently strong. Those are the items that I expect the company (and many investors) to focus on. In fact, in the company's press release it was stated that:

The Company also reports a gross margin of 17% on its GenDrive product for the second quarter. Even more notably, Plug Power revenue, at $17.3 million for the second quarter, is three-fold greater than that seen in the first quarter of 2014. [bold is mine]

However, in my previous article about Plug, I contended that margins are the key metric for the company. Plug must be able to make money to be a viable business. In the first half of 2014, the company reported an operating loss of $14.02 million. That compares to a first half 2013 operating loss of $12.995 million. Plug has been a public company for nearly 15 years and has never come close to profitability.

I applaud the revenue growth. Also, the increase in expenses for Q2 2014 was due to Plug's efforts to rapidly expand its sales efforts; those expenses could pay off in the future. But I will be looking closely at Plug over the next few quarters to see if there is any sign that it can show long-term profitability. Until then, the shares are still a sell in my opinion.

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