What are the implications of a Google / Yahoo! acquisition of Trader Classified? (GOOG, YHOO, EBAY, TRDFF)

by: Ezra Marbach

Google (ticker: GOOG) and Yahoo (ticker: YHOO) are reportedly interested in acquiring Trader Classified Media (ticker: TRDFF.pk). Trader Classified publishes 578 print guides and runs 56 Web sites with classified ads for shoppers in 22 countries. Why is a Trader transaction important for China Internet investors?

Last month Trader made a strategic investment in leading Chinese online real estate listings firm SouFun Holdings.

Key extracts from an interview with Trader President and CEO John H McCall MacBain discussing his China plans here.

Comment: If either Google or Yahoo! succeeds in adding Trader Classified they will effectively strengthen their presence in China and bring increasing competition for eBay (ticker: EBAY) -- eBay operates Internet-based classified service Kijiji in China.

This would be the second significant blow to eBay's position in China this month -- following Yahoo!'s strategic investment in Alibaba.com.

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