Carl Icahn Needs To Pump The Brakes: Herbalife Worth $34-$43 Per Share

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by: Shock Exchange


A recent tweet from Carl Icahn sent Herbalife's share above $51 per share.

At 5x - 6x EBITDA, which is warranted for a company with flat to declining earnings, Herbalife is worth $34 - $43 per share.

Herbalife is a sell.

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Herbalife, Inc (NYSE:HLF) has been the subject of dueling masters of the universe - legendary investor Carl Icahn on the long side and hedge fund manager Bill Ackman on the short side. Ackman has questioned whether the company is a Pyramid-scheme - growing revenue based on recruitment of new sales people who also buy large amounts of the company's nutritional products. Icahn made a reported $234 million on his stake in July. However, longs were bloodied when Herbalife delivered disappointing Q2 earnings results. The stock sold off 11% after-hours, closing at $60 per share. Since, the stock has closed below $50 per share on six separate trading days. It closed at $49.49 on August 26th and shot up $51.09 the following day, providing longs a ray of hope. The recent run-up was credited to the following tweet from Icahn:

Busy working on a BIG deal with another investment banker.

Herbalife investors interpreted the Tweet to mean Icahn was working on finding a buyer for Herbalife. Icahn needs to pump the brakes - Herbalife is worth $34 - $43 per share.

Valuation Methodology

The following lays out my valuation methodology for the company:

Step 1: Determine Run-Rate Earnings

Herbalife's run-rate earnings are represented by its EBITDA and net income through last 12 months ended June 30, 2014 ("LTM0614"). Below are the company's historical operating results:

  • The company's EBITDA and net income for LTM0614 were $826 million and $504 million respectively. Since the company's $21 million in net interest expense may cloud its earnings, I think EBITDA is a better metric for valuing the company.

Step 2: Determine Valuation Multiple

For a company with Herbalife's profile - flat to slowing growth, one would expect an EBITDA multiple of 6x - 8x. Given that Herbalife's business model has been under attack and the risk that regulators could call into question its existence as a pyramid scheme, the company deserves a lower multiple. Lastly, bondholders are signaling pain ahead by selling Herbalife's convertible bonds down to 78 cents on the dollar. That said, I attributed a 5x - 6x EBITDA multiple for the company. Herbalife's LTM0614 EBITDA of $826 million at 5x - 6x yields an enterprise value of $4.1 - $5.0 billion.

Step 3: Subtract Net Debt

The company has long-term debt of $1.7 billion. Subtracting cash of $773 million yields net debt of $973 million. Enterprise value less net debt yields an equity value of $3.2 - $4.0 billion. Assuming 91.8 million shares outstanding, the equity value equates to $34 - $43 per share. The following chart illustrates the details of the valuation:


At 5x - 6x EBITDA, Herbalife is worth $34 - $43 per share, a 33% - 15% discount to its current price. Herbalife is a sell.

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