Global Stock Markets Increase by 26% in 2010

by: Mark J. Perry
The World Federation of Exchanges reported this week that the total value of equities trading on the world's major stock exchanges reached $54.9 trillion in December, the highest world stock market capitalization since May 2008 (see chart above). During 2010 the world stock market value increased by 26%, or by $11.3 trillion over the 12-month period, from $43.6 trillion in December 2009. From the February 2009 cyclical low of $26.6 trillion, world equity values have more than doubled, and have gained back about $28.3 trillion of the $36.4 trillion lost during 2008 because of the global financial crisis.
Further evidence of a global stock market recovery is shown in the chart below of the daily MSCI World Stock Market Index, which closed yesterday at 1308, the highest closing value since early September 2008.