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Drone delivery is cool but how it translates to increasing revenues, earnings and eventually stock price? Would you mind discussing it? I can see tremendous benefits but not for median consumers.
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I wouldn't laugh at using drones for delivery. In 1903 who would have bet on the airplanes' many uses. Amazon and Google have always been forward thinking companies. Amazon has the lead here. As an investment, I will continue to hold my Amazon, Google and FedEx shares.
MarketLost is clinging to a sling shot.
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King, I worked with drones, and not the toy ones that these companies do.
Please tell me all you know about drones, I could use the two minutes of silence.
Drones will be used in certain situations that work. Your thought process is limited at best.

The members in this forum could educate you, but it seems like an overwhelming task.
Your comments and thoughts lack any practical information. Who said that Amazon will use drones in every delivery? If you follow Amazon you would understand their purpose and use of drones. Again more blatantly false assumptions to discredit Amazon's business practices.
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@KingFishXX, your last comment is ironic, seeing as I worked with drones and they are far more limited than you believe. Let's not confuse military drones with these toys that are really based on remote controlled helicopters.
Amazon will figure it out before everyone else. They are on their 9th generation of drones while Google just started the process. No answers from MarketLost.
Kids shooting them down is ridiculous. With what? A paint gun?
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A slingshot ought to do the trick.
Delivery by drone is possible for those who believe 21 year-olds have disposable income.
For my argument we will ignore the obvious and inherent limitations of time and distance with such a fantasy. Does Amazon plan to introduce distribution centers in every rural city? The weight limitations on a drone is about 5lbs. That could end up being a problem with shoppers who intend to buy more than 1 item.
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Since my last article on this topic, I think the utility easement route has developed the most. The 333 waiver for Utility Aerial Services / Bluesky Helicopters is promising. They are seeking clearance in Redlands, CA which is also one of the new places for Amazon fulfillment/distribution centers. http://seekingalpha.co...

Other updates:
India now has test sites http://bit.ly/1rPQKiH

While Google is testing in Australia, an Australian company has moved to Nevada for testing. http://on.rgj.com/1rPQQXs

Google doesn't have as many distribution/fulfillment centers as Amazon has. Perhaps they are thinking about mobile launch sites.
"Perhaps they are thinking about mobile launch sites." .. so you think google might use mobile launch sites as fulfillment centers? What about the actual products being sold? Will those be delivered by bigger drones to the launch site?
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Traivs, can I ask what your expertise with drones is? I have worked with them in a professional manner. You just seem to jump on headlines without having any technical background.
Companies will stop drone delivery when they start to lose drones mid-air due to "kids" shootin' them down, or getting sued for a gazillion dollars because their machines killed someone. In the meantime, they can sell this fantasy to keep the herd interested.
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Sad that the author seems to have no idea about drones, but drones on about them anyways. Seems people that bring up military drones forget that they have a human pilot behind them, and for good reason. Just wait until the drones have to deal with everything from wind (shear, cross, and gusts), convective currents, nasty elements (rain, snow, ice, etc), to birds, power lines, and malicious individuals who just don't want them buzzing around their neighbourhood.
Not to mention there is actual rationale for military to use them. They ability to loiter, avoid human casualties, cost over bombers, etc. Even if the technical and logistical challenges to using drones for consumer deliveries are solved, what is the economic rationale? Will they fly using free energy from Bezos' hot air farts?

There are other applications like mapping that do seem plausible. Mass consumer product delivery is so utterly ridiculous that i'm amazed that people even discuss it.
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@sauser - kids don't typically have a 300 ft. accuracy at a moving target. These UAVs will be moving at altitudes beyond safe shooting ranges: know your target and what lies beyond. The speeds will also not be helpful, except when they descend on final or lower the package. At that time, they are hovering over the consenting customer. A shot at this type of activity would surmount to heavier criminal charges than any recreational mischief would be worth. It would be much safer to keep hurling cylinder blocks at mailboxes and maybe pilfer an unattended UPS truck. All of which I don't recommend, but carry less risk for the mischievous.
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No positions?

And you believe in drone delivery???
I am intrigued by drones. Drones might have value. Drone delivery might have value. However, this story is much bigger than airborne delivery.

Amazon could sell drones to the military, first responders, B&M retailers out in the rural areas.

Amazon could sell services utilizing drones, for special situations.
Smicro-cap Scavenger profile picture
The military spec sUAVs are spoken for. I don't think Amazon or Google will be able to bring tech to the table in the military arena.
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