Chinese Small-Cap Stock Picks (AOB, HQSM, NWD, ETLT)

by: Ezra Marbach

A number of small-cap Chinese companies have rallied of late including American Oriental Bioengineering (ticker: AOB), HQ Sustainable Maritime Industries (ticker: HQSM.ob), New Dragon Asia Corporation (ticker: NWD) and Eternal Technologies Group (ticker: ETLT.ob). Why mention them? Because China Stock Blog readers brought them to my attention before they made their big runs.

There are many publicly-traded small-cap and micro-cap Chinese companies trading on US stock exchanges. Some are growing incredibly fast -- but for one reason or another are not well-known to the investing public.

If you have any small-cap or micro-cap Chinese stocks to recommend The China Stock Blog can be a great place to share those ideas with others and receive feedback in return. So feel free to either post your picks as comments (below) or e-mail them to us along with your analysis. We will consider e-mailed recommendations for posting on the site.

AOB chart.


HQSM.ob chart.


NWD chart.


ETLT.ob chart.


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