WhisperNumber.com Earnings Estimates: At Odds With Traditional Analyst Estimates

Includes: CME, GOOG, HP, ISRG, X
by: TickerSense
WhisperNumber.com is a research firm that collects earnings expectations online from influential individual investors. The estimates are "considered an alternative to analyst estimates for quarterly earnings" and are available for free on the website.

Since Whisper Number estimates come from investors themselves, the traditional thinking is that companies need to beat (miss) the Whisper estimate for the stock price to be "surprised" on the upside or downside.

We looked at Russell 1000 companies that have yet to report this earnings season for which Whisper Number estimates are available. Then we screened the list to find the stocks that currently have the largest divergence between traditional analyst estimates and investor estimates. Stocks highlighted in green below have a Whisper estimate that is below the average analyst estimate and stocks highlighted in red have higher Whisper estimates.

whispernumber.com estimate