Stellar Biotechnologies: We've Seen The Pump, Now Here Comes The Dump

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  • We believe Stellar Biotechnologies' share price to be a product of a well-timed promotional campaign.
  • SBOTF's share count has risen 88.2% in three short years, and the September 2013 PIPE was done at a fully diluted share price of $0.3415/share. (sourced below).
  • The company appears to be operating far below its capacity, and has reported net losses of ($14.8M), ($5.1M), and ($3.5M) for the past three years. (source 3).
  • Promotions have touted the company's former agreement with Sigma Aldrich, but we've found that this agreement had expired in 2013.
  • SBOTF's biggest competitor, BioSyn, established in 1984, claims to be able to produce far more than 1,500 grams/year. (SBOTF's current capacity).

Stellar Biotechnologies (SBOTF) has been an intriguing story these last two months.

We've found three things about Stellar Biotechnologies to be concerned with right off the bat. These items, combined with the results of further due diligence, lead us to believe that Stellar will make its way back to $0.70 and resume its descent downward from there.

First, we've found a promotional campaign that we believe to be the cause of the company's stock price moving up in rapid fashion without material news or fundamentals to back it up. We've found third-parties that have issued questionable campaigns that are touting SBOTF, and these promotions have made some robust claims that we believe they can't back up - including, at one point, commenting that SBOTF would list on the Nasdaq "as soon as August 31, 2014."

Second, we will shine light on exaggerations made by these promotions about future operational expansion, which we view as unnecessary and a non-issue due to Stellar's already anemic history of production (sourced below). In addition, the company itself admits that it does not know if it is economically feasible to expand at this stage in its growth. We question why the company would think about expanding when we believe it to be operating far under capacity and production appears to be falling. Our conversations with BioSyn, a 30+ year veteran in the Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin ("KLH") niche, confirm to us that Stellar's capabilities are nowhere near as robust as this competitor. Stellar's own 20-F from 2013 states that it produced under 50g of KLH for 2013, representing less than 4% of the company's 1,500g capacity. Stellar's V.P. of Corporate Development & Communications, Mark McPartland confirmed that the company was operating at far less than capacity, and had never operated over 10% capacity.

Finally, we question the

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