Motorola Mobility's Atrix 4G Gets Kudos From Influential Website

Includes: GOOG, T, VZ
by: Stephen Frankola

Engadget, the widely-read consumer electronics web magazine, published its full review of Motorola Mobility's (NYSE:MMI) new Atrix 4G smartphone on Monday night. The phone earned a grade of nine (out of ten), which is a very meaningful and powerful stamp of approval.If you're interested in the phone or MMI stock, it's best to just read the full review (and comments) for yourself at Engadget. Some of the main points are noted below.Some key positives of the phone, as described in the review, are:

  • The phone is one of the fastest, technologically-sophisticated smartphone offerings [whether Android (NASDAQ:GOOG), BlackBerry or Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)] that is currently available
  • It's very aesthetically pleasing and solidly built; specifically, the display was noted as being very high-quality
  • Motorola is offering some interesting peripherals along with the phone, including a laptop dock and a desktop dock. The laptop dock is very unique; plugging the phone in allows a user to replicate a netbook/laptop-like experience. At $300 for the laptop dock (after rebates), the dock + smartphone combination may be a realisitic replacement for a netbook/tablet for some consumers

Of course, there were some shortcomings, including:

  • The phone's 4G capabilities seemed underutilized by ATT's (NYSE:T) network, though it seems like this may improve in the future
  • The author wasn't a huge fan of the peripherals; some consumers may find them expensive compared to the value that they add
  • Some of Motorola's pre-loaded software (both the overall MotoBlur skin and some individual aps) may annoy savvy smartphone users

It seems that Motorola still has to refine parts of its strategy, especially on the software side; the decision to pre-install a lot of software that some users may strongly dislike can be enough to disinterest sophisticated buyers. But based on this review (and others on the internet), Motorola seems to have done an excellent job building the hardware. Motorola may benefit from reevaluating its strategy and moving toward using versions of Android that are less modified, allowing users a greater hand in personalizing their own phone experience. Overall, the Atrix 4G seems to be an excellent smartphone that is one of the most attractive devices currently available to consumers. Motorola has had a lot of success with its "Droid" line of phones sold at Verizon (NYSE:VZ) - now, it has successfully brought a sexy, capable device to market for ATT customers.

Disclosure: I am long MMI.

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