Stratasys, 3D Systems and the Next Technological Revolution

Mar. 11, 2011 8:54 AM ETStratasys Ltd. (SSYS), DDD13 Comments

All of us who trade stocks full time have heard the old adage: “cut your losses short and let your winners run”. It’s definitely a cliché, but this simple sentence encapsulates what a trader needs to internalize in order to survive in this business. A disciplined trader can be wrong 80% - 90% of the time and still make money. No trader is correct all the time so the idea is to exit a poor trade early with a small loss and to ride your winner(s) to big gains. One 5 or 10-bagger makes up for a lot of mistakes. The concept is simple to understand but very difficult to consistently execute.

So what defines a winner? It depends on who you ask. High frequency traders would have a different definition than a “buy and hold” investor. Personally, I am a position trader so I will maintain a trade as long as the stock, its industry, sector and the market all continue to behave themselves. My holding period may be less than one day to a year or more.

The Holy Grail for me is a situation where I identify a company on the cusp of a major economic revolution. This doesn’t happen very frequently so it’s a short list (at least since the 80’s): Microsoft (MSFT) / Intel (INTC) in the PC revolution; Cisco (CSCO) in the internet revolution; Apple (AAPL) in the consumer IT space and Google (GOOG) in internet search (I’ll add Facebook when it debuts if its ROC is >= 17%). With the exception of Google, all of these companies were small caps for a period of time after their IPOs. No one forecasted them to be as big as they would eventually become. All, though, delivered fantastic multi-year bull runs as they rode their respective

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