4 Top Stocks Worth Investigating

Includes: ATMI, ATU, CVGI, TIF
by: Invest Chief

Zacks Investment Research is a great site that I would recommend to a serious investor looking to boost his returns. Zacks Premium provides top industries and top rated stocks (rank 1). Zacks' short-term stock picks have returned 27% annually since 1988, so it obvious knows what it is doing. I went on its premium site and saw a few plays that I believe will bring about good returns for investors.

They are as follows: ATMI Inc. (NASDAQ:ATMI), Tiffany & Co (NYSE:TIF), Commercial Vehicle Group (NASDAQ:CVGI), and Actuant Corp (NYSE:ATU).

ATMI Inc. is the top-rated stock in the top-rated industry. ATMI supplies the biotech industry, in particular, with high-performing materials such as flat panels, packaging, aand material delivery systems. Fundamentally, ATMI is strong with a forward P/E of 14, PEG of 1.69, P/S of 1.73, and a P/B of 1.39. ATMI has no debt and a cash position of 140.9M. Zachs is predicting steady growth for ATMI in 2011. Zacks has a price target of $21.10.

Tiffany & Co. is a retail jewelry store. Tiffany is a rank 1 stock with an outperform recommendation from Zacks. Tiffany has forward P/E of 17, PEG of 1.38, P/S of 2.48, and a P/B of 3.67. Tiffany does have a debt/equity ratio of 37. However, TIF outpaces the rest of its industry with a 1.72% dividend, ROE of 17.5, ROI of 11, ROA of 9.6. TIF is a top play for the retail jewelry industry and is expected to have decent growth rates this year as the consumer continues his spending revival. Zacks does not have a price target for TIF.

Commercial Vehicle Group is a rank 1 with an outperform recommendation. CVGI specializes in fully-integrated system solutions used in cars, trucks, and vans, worldwide. This is a great alternative way to play the auto recovery. CVGI comes fully equipped with a forward P/E of 11, PEG 3.7, P/S .78, and no debt. CVGI's fundamental numbers are a little rough, but remember that the car market has been in a slump until recently. Earnings are turning around for this company and its value will return with it. With Zacks giving this stock a strong buy and analysts giving this company a buy signal, it may be time to move in. Zacks' price target is $19.80.

Actuant Corp. manufactures industrial products and systems. Actuant is also a rank 1 with an outperform recommendation. ATU's fundamentals outpace its industry and gives ATU the title of industry leader. Forward P/E 14, P/S 1.58, P/B 2.36, Price/free cash flow 19, ROE 11. Actuant also outpaces its industry in ROI and ROA with 6.33 and 5.19, respectively. Actuant does have some debt, but it has been decreasing is debt position over the last few years. Bottom line, industrial systems are a growing demand as the economy recovers and Actuant should benefit nicely from this recovery. Zacks' price target is $29.70.

The economy is in recovery mode -- slow recovery, but recovery nonetheless. These stocks should all benefit greatly from a recovery in the economy as markets will once again grow. Smart money has begun to move into these stocks, recognizing that it is better to be ahead of the herd than straggling in the back. Stay in the front of the pack; buy these stocks.

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, but may initiate a long position in CVGI, ATMI over the next 72 hours.

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