Top 5 Nasdaq 100 Stocks Near New Lows

by: New Low Observer
Below are the Nasdaq 100 companies that are near new lows. The complete list of 15 companies can be found here.

This list is strictly for the purpose of researching whether or not the companies have viable business models. Although theses companies are very risky, they provide significant opportunity to outperform the market in the coming year.
Symbol Name Trade P/E EPS Yield P/B % from Low
CSCO Cisco Systems $17.04 12.89 $1.32 1.40% 2.08 0.41%
URBN Urban Outfitters $30.35 18.97 $1.60 0 3.48 4.55%
AMGN Amgen Inc. $53.08 11.08 $4.79 0 2.08 5.61%
TEVA Teva Pharma. $50.54 13.79 $3.66 1.80% 2.05 7.55%
ATVI Activision Blizzard $11.01 33.36 $0.33 1.50% 1.27 10.21%

Nasdaq 100 Summary
On our last Nasdaq 100 watch list, Cephalon (NASDAQ:CEPH) was within 6% of the 52-week low. This week, Cephalon was presented with an offer that seemed exceptional. Valeant (NYSE:VRX) announced that it was willing to offer a buyout of Cephalon at $73. The market reaction to this was to push Cephalon above the offer price to $75. At the same time, Valeant's stock price has jumped more than 15%, indicating that the market feels that Cephalon could use a shake-up. Our individual recommendation of Cephalon was issued on February 15, 2011 and can be found here.

Also on our watch list from February 20, 2011, Celgene (NASDAQ:CELG) has quietly crept 7% higher from where it once was. According to Value Line dated January 14, 2011, Celgene has no debt, minimal increase of shares outstanding in the last three years. Return on equity and return on capital are both in the high teens and book value that has grown over 11x since 2003.
Another company that we're watching closely is Amgen (NASDAQ:AMGN). The price of Amgen has vacillated in a narrowing range since 2008. At the same time, Amgen has seen its shares outstanding decrease by 27.7% since 2002. Amgen has very compelling financials which belie the lackluster performance in the stock price.

Nasdaq 100 Performance Review
Symbol Name 3/26/2010 3/26/2011 % change
GILD Gilead Sciences $45.34 $42.08 -7.19%
GENZ Genzyme Corp. $53.00 $75.94 43.28%
APOL Apollo Group $61.28 $43.51 -29.00%
QCOM Qualcomm $41.10 $52.75 28.35%
FSLR First Solar $116.50 $150.44 29.13%
SRCL Stericycle, Inc. $54.50 $88.82 62.97%
- Average - - 21.26%
NDX Nasdaq 100 1952.63 2326.26 19.13%

Our watch list from March 26, 2010 (found here) performed well, considering that Apollo Group (NASDAQ:APOL) has continued to fall due to closer scrutiny of Apollo's business practices. Gilead Sciences (NASDAQ:GILD) managed to decline -30% before coming full circle with a 1-year loss of "only" -7%. The average gain for the whole group was 21.26%, which was slightly ahead of the Nasdaq 100 index by 2.13%.

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.