Here's What Guru Wilbur Ross Has Been Buying

by: Investment Underground

By Steve Morris

We researched to give investors a closer look at eight companies where Wilbur Ross is an active stakeholder. With Ross landing on the Fortune 400 list for the first time this fall, we feel there is no better time to dig deeper into his portfolio. One stock Ross likes is MetroPCS Communications (PCS). MetroPCS, headquartered in Texas, is the fifth biggest player in the wireless phone industry. The current price to earnings for this phone company is 30.78, making it increasingly attractive to income seekers. The stock is currently trading at $16.62 and sits about ten dollars above where it did a year ago. We think this company will have another strong 52-week period ahead of it.

Sun Bancorp (NASDAQ:SNBC): Sun Bancorp, Inc. is a bank holding company. It is mostly known for its Sun National Bank branch. Working through the bank, the company is able to provide commercial and retail banking services. The stock is currently trading at $3.92.

Like many banking companies it has taken its fair share of lumps in recent years, such as dropping from about 15 dollars a share about three years ago. However, it is likely that SNBC could see stock prices rising from this recent low after Ross purchased 25% of the company about a year ago. He also holds Harmonic (NASDAQ:HLIT). Harmonic is a big time player in video delivery solutions to broadcast, cable, satellite, Internet, mobile and telco video service providers who cater to people in every corner of the globe. HLIT stock is currently trading at $9.05 and is poised to make investors money in the near future, with a future price to earnings of 19.12.

BioScrip (NASDAQ:BIOS): BioScrip is a provider of pharmacy and home care products that works directly with patients, physicians, hospitals and healthcare payers. BIOS stock is currently trading at $4.26, while its biggest competitors CVS and Walgreens (WAG) trade at around 40 dollars each. Although Bioscrip is a smaller company in the industry, we saw it increase revenue by about 11% in the last 3 years, beating the industry average and some of these big name players.

SPDR Select Sector Fund (NYSEARCA:XLF): SPDR Select Sector Fund is a company well known for being a global leader in asset management, giving investors a detailed investment process and a powerful global investment platform. XLF stocks are currently trading at $16.01 while SPDR handed out a 0.99% yield on the stocks as well. SPDR is also sporting a price to earning ratio of 12 and, in the last year, returned 3.02%. With a promising future for XLF and SPDR being a reliable dividend payer, this stock should be considered for a successful portfolio.

International Coal Group (NYSE:ICO): Coal is still King. And International Coal Group produces coal in the U.S.A. The company is made up of the assets of three previously bought coal companies that had gone bankrupt: Horizon Natural Resources, Anker, and Coalquest. ICO stock is currently trading at $10.68, seven dollars higher than it was just one year ago. The positive trend looks to continue with the purchase and reconstruction of its mine portfolio.

Jo Ann Stores (NYSE:JAS): Jo Ann Stores strive to be a leader in the fabric and craft markets. It is a retail store that stocks everything from fabrics to buttons to glitter, and everything in between, that could ever be used for crafts or fabric projects. JAS stock is currently trading at $61.01, an all time high for the stock in the last year. The low for the last year dipped all the way down to $35.51. Jo Ann is also looking at a strong price to earnings ratio of 17.3 and has been able to raise income 40% in the last year.

Lear Corporation (NYSE:LEA): Lear is one of the world's leading auto-parts suppliers. The company makes electrical products that are sold worldwide. Lear has 80,000 employees in 35 countries. The company also owns a sizable stake in International Automotive Components, due to the fact that IAC has recently bought many of LEA’s interior businesses. This stock looks great for many reasons; one being that about two months ago, the company announced that it plans to buy back stock and start a hefty divided program. Another reason is that the EPS growth average in the last three years is 37.9, which almost doubles the industry average. Lear’s price to earning ration is currently 11.9.

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.