Investor Conference Transcripts at Seeking Alpha

What if there were a way to dramatically increase the number of sophisticated investors exposed to your company's investor conference presentations (in essence, your company's story)?

That's exactly what Seeking Alpha is offering.

For many public companies investor conferences can be a great platform to tell their stories to savvy investor audiences, hold one-on-one meetings with interested parties, and reach investors online through live webcasts of their presentations.

But investor conferences also tend to leave a number of opportunities underutilized.

Typically, they fail to reach the wider audience of investors who research stocks online but who don't have the time or inclination to listen to conference webcasts. This group not only includes investors but also financial bloggers, journalists, and sell-side analysts on the lookout for new companies to cover.

That's where Seeking Alpha comes in.

Seeking Alpha can maximize the payback on the time and expense executives put into investor conferences by transcribing corporate presentations and publishing the transcripts at and on our partner web site Yahoo! Finance. This helps management teams increase the reach of their presentations through exposure to the:

  • Thousands of institutional investors and hundreds of thousands of retail investors who read daily; and the
  • Millions of investors who read Yahoo! Finance daily (All Seeking Alpha content is also published on the stock pages of Yahoo! Finance).

Here's a testimonial from Gerry Scott, founder of The Wall Street Analyst Forum conference series (and Seeking Alpha conference transcript sponsor):

".....we've structured a relationship with, which many of the institutional investors probably know better than the companies. But they, from our view and from the finance magazines and some others, have become the number one institutional investor online community.

And they are actually doing a transcript of these presentations, including the Q&A session, making it web searchable on Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, AOL Finance, on -- their website as well -- same day as the conference.

And although the webcast is very important, the ability to go through a transcript in maybe five minutes and get anything you want instead of hanging around for a webcast of 40 minutes, we think, is a great way to reach a lot of serious institutional investors who won't sit around to do anything. My wife can't get me to sit around for 40 minutes to focus on one thing. But I think if you can go through a transcript -- maybe, just go to the Q&A session and get anything you want in seven or eight minutes, may be more efficient."

Latest transcripts here. To sponsor transcripts contact Ezra Marbach for more information.

Expect to see at least 3 types of conference presentation transcript sponsors at Seeking Alpha:

1. Conference organizer sponsors own investor conference presentations (example #1) (example #2). The title of every investor conference presentation transcript on Seeking Alpha includes the name of the conference organizer. This allows conferences to target public company executives as future presenters as well as market themselves to potential attendees. With many investor conferences to choose from this also demonstrates that conferences are going the extra mile to build goodwill with presenting companies by making transcripts of their presentations as widely accessible to targeted investor audiences as possible.

2. IR firm sponsors transcript of one of its clients (example). You deliver direct value to your client by enabling us to publish their transcript and spread their story. Because Seeking Alpha content is organized by theme, country and sector this is the best way to reach targeted groups of investors. This sponsorship also allows you to promote your own IR firm to potential clients. Seeking Alpha is widely read by public company executives.

3. Company sponsors its own investor conference presentation (example). Seeking Alpha's readers want to learn about companies and stocks. If you're a public company, you can ensure we publish your conference transcript with a sponsorship that highlights the key investment points about your stock. You can also comfortably link to the transcript from the IR section of your company's web site and thus make it available to investors or potential investors.