Another Decline In Ford Truck Sales

| About: Ford Motor (F)
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Truck sales are one of the less traditional indicators we like to follow to gauge overall strength in the US economy, and more specifically the small business sector. With that in mind, today's release of F-Series truck sales in the month of November coupled with a variety of economic indicators showing slower momentum doesn't paint an especially rosy picture. During the month of November, Ford (NYSE:F) sold just over 59K F-series trucks which represented a decline of 1.4% from last year's total. This represents the first time since 2009 that sales of F-series trucks in the month of November declined on a year over year basis.

Similarly, on a year to date basis, sales of F-series trucks totaled 679,496 in the first eleven months of 2014, which was down just over 1% from the same period in 2013. While these monthly and year to date totals are not encouraging at face value, we would note once again this month that the decline is not unexpected. In recent months, Ford has cut production at certain plants in order to retool them for production of the revamped version of the F-series pickup truck, which will start hitting dealerships in the coming weeks. Once production gets back up to normal, analysts expect sales numbers to begin picking back up again.