Alan Brochstein's Exceptional Track Record and Recent Winners

by: Dirk Quayle, CFA

There are many great contributors providing excellent content to the Seeking Alpha site. But who are the best stock pickers? Our analysis shows that Alan Brochstein is one of the best, as measured since March of 2009. If you would have invested $1,000 in all of his 299 picks and sold after one year, your return would have been 98%, 29% above the appropriate benchmarks, which were primarily small cap indexes. Below I provide the summary analysis and also highlight his most recent, best-performing picks for investors that might be interested in considering Alan’s picks for their portfolios.

LikeAssets tracked Alan’s 299 stock picks since March 2009. Analysis assumes any position is sold/closed after a one-year holding period. Dividends are included in the return calculations of the picks and the underlying benchmarks. Benchmarks vary depending on type of stock picks. A pick that is small cap growth is compared to Russell 2000 growth index, a large cap value pick is compared to the Russell 1000 value index, etc.

Stock Picks Since March 2009

  • Out of 299 picks, 230 generated a positive return and 69 generated a negative return.
  • Picks generated a total average return of 27% and a median return of 12%.
  • 153 performed better than the LikeAssets Benchmark, and 146 performed worse.
  • All picks outperformed the LikeAssets Benchmark by an average of 7%.
  • His best pick was up 274% and the worst pick was down 39%.
  • Home Runs, 27 picks out of 299 returned > 100%.

LikeAssets Score is the return above or below the appropriate benchmark for each stock, ETF, and mutual fund.

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Best Performing Picks and Recent Favorites

Below are two tables – Alan’s best performing picks since March 2009 and his best performing picks from the last three months. The majority of Alan’s top performers have been small cap picks. Not only have they provided the best absolute returns, but they have also beaten the small cap growth and value benchmarks by a wide margin.

You can better understand your portfolio's returns and alpha with the LikeAssets application now available at the Seeking Alpha app store.

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.

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