Gauging a Growing ETF Sector: Complete List of Active ETFs

by: Michael Johnston

Since PowerShares launched its first active ETFs in the spring of 2008, this corner of the exchange-traded product market has grown tremendously. Though many active ETFs have been somewhat slow to accumulate assets, the increase in the size of the lineup highlights the trend toward vehicles that combine active management with the exchange-traded structure.

There are now dozens of actively-managed ETFs offering exposure to a number of asset classes, including stocks, bonds and currencies. The following tables present all of the active ETFs currently available to U.S. investors, including expense information, inception date, and the applicable benchmark. New active ETFs are added as they are launched, providing a real time list of active ETFs (filter by active/passive and other fields here).

Equity ETFs

There are a number of different active equity ETFs, including funds that offer exposure to both domestic and international equity markets. Three of the PowerShares funds on the list were the first active ETF products to hit the market in 2008, and since then several other issuers, including AdvisorShares and Columbia, have jumped into the space:

Ticker Name Issuer Benchmark Inception Expense
AADR WCM/BNY Mellon Focused Growth ADR ETF AdvisorShares MSCI EAFE Index 07/2010 1.25%
DENT Dent Tactical ETF AdvisorShares n/a 09/2009 1.56%
GRV Mars Hill Global Relative Value ETF AdvisorShares MSCI World Index 07/2010 1.49%
GVT Concentrated Large Cap Value Strategy Fund Columbia Russell 1000 Index 05/2009 0.79%
HDGE Active Bear ETF AdvisorShares n/a 01/2011 1.85%
PMA Active Mega Cap Fund PowerShares Russell Top 200 Index 04/2008 0.75%
PQY Active AlphaQ Fund PowerShares NASDAQ-100 Index 04/2008 0.75%
PQZ Active Multi-Cap Fund PowerShares S&P 500 Index 04/2008 0.75%
RPX Growth Equity Strategy Fund Columbia S&P 500 Index 10/2009 0.89%
RWG Large-Cap Growth Equity Strategy Fund Columbia Russell 1000 Growth Index 10/2009 0.89%
ONEF Equity ETF Russell n/a 05/2010 0.51%

Bond ETFs

Actively managed bond ETFs have become popular with investors, thanks in part to potential drawbacks of achieving fixed income exposure through an indexing strategy.

Ticker Name Issuer Benchmark Inception Expense
GIY Enhanced Core Bond ETF Guggenheim n/a 06/2011* 0.27%
GSY Enhanced Ultra-Short Bond ETF Guggenheim 1-3 Month Treasury Bill Index 06/2011* 0.27%
ALD Asia Local Debt Fund WisdomTree n/a 03/2011 0.55%
ELD Emerging Markets Local Debt Fund WisdomTree n/a 08/2010 0.55%
GMMB Intermediate Municipal Bond Strategy Fund Columbia Barclays 3-15 Year Blend Municipal Bond Index 01/2010 0.35%
GMTB Core Bond Strategy Fund Columbia Barclays Capital U.S. Aggregate Bond Index 01/2010 0.35%
HYLD Peritus High Yield ETF AdvisorShares n/a 12/2010 1.35%
MINT Enhanced Short Maturity Strategy Fund PIMCO Citigroup 3-Month Treasury Bill Index 11/2009 0.35%
BABZ Build America Bond Strategy Fund PIMCO Barclays Capital Build America Bond Index 09/2010 0.45%
MUNI Intermediate Municipal Bond Strategy Fund PIMCO Barclays Capital 1-15 Year Municipal Bond
11/2009 0.35%
SMMU Short Term Municipal Bond Strategy Fund PIMCO Barclays Capital 1-3 Year Municipal Bond Index 02/2010 0.35%
PLK Active Low Duration Fund PowerShares Barclays Capital 1–3 Year U.S. Treasury Index 04/2008 0.30%
*These ETFs began trading in early 2008; in June 2011, they were converted to active ETFs

Currency ETFs

In addition to managing several active bond ETFs, WisdomTree also maintains a suite of actively-manged currency products:

Ticker Name Issuer Inception Expense
BNZ Dreyfus New Zealand Dollar Fund WisdomTree 06/2008 0.45%
BZF Dreyfus Brazilian Real Fund WisdomTree 05/2008 0.45%
CCX Dreyfus Commodity Currency Fund WisdomTree 09/2010 0.55%
CEW Dreyfus Emerging Currency Fund WisdomTree 05/2009 0.55%
CYB Dreyfus Chinese Yuan Fund WisdomTree 05/2008 0.45%
EU Dreyfus Euro Fund WisdomTree 05/2008 0.35%
ICN Dreyfus Indian Rupee Fund WisdomTree 05/2008 0.45%
JYF Dreyfus Japanese Yen Fund WisdomTree 05/2008 0.35%
SZR Dreyfus South African Rand Fund WisdomTree 06/2008 0.45%

Real Estate ETFs

As part of its expansion into the active ETF space, PowerShares debuted an active real estate ETF in 2008:

Ticker Name Issuer Benchmark Inception Expense
PSR Active U.S. Real Estate Fund PowerShares FTSE NAREIT Equity REITs Index 11/2008 0.80%

Multi-Asset ETFs

In addition to the funds highlighted above that focus on a single asset class, there are a number of actively-managed ETPs that offer exposure to multiple asset classes:

Ticker Name Issuer Benchmark Inception Expense
ALT-OLD Diversified Alternatives Trust iShares n/a 10/2009 0.95%
GTAA Cambria Global Tactical ETF AdvisorShares n/a 10/2010 0.90%
WDTI Managed Futures Strategy Fund Wisdom Tree Diversified Trends Indicator 01/2011 0.95%

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