Seeking Alpha Expands Relationship With Nasdaq

by: SA Business Development


A brief history of Seeking Alpha's partnership with Nasdaq.

Nasdaq has already been providing access to Seeking Alpha news, analysis and transcripts from their website for investors, company executives and industry experts.

Seeking Alpha now provides access to Nasdaq headlines to help our users and contributors research and follow Nasdaq-traded companies.

Seeking Alpha offers comprehensive coverage of companies trading on Nasdaq (NASDAQ:NDAQ), including analysis, news and transcripts. To give you a sense of our breadth and depth: since Seeking Alpha was founded, we have covered 3,197 of the 3,384 stocks that are currently trading on the Nasdaq exchange in one form or another. This amounts to 94% coverage of the entire Nasdaq universe.

Over the past 6 months, Seeking Alpha has posted earnings call transcripts for over 1,800 Nasdaq-traded companies, and news and analysis coverage on over 1,600 of those companies.

In that same period, more than 4,800 Seeking Alpha analysis articles have been written about Nasdaq-traded companies, and over 14,000 news items.

Nasdaq has long partnered with Seeking Alpha to make our coverage accessible to Nasdaq's audience of investors, company executives, IR professionals and industry experts looking for coverage of stocks on Nasdaq's own website. You can find links to Seeking Alpha items in the "Company News" sidebars on each quote page on their website (example: Nasdaq's AAPL quote page) and the full list of news, analysis and transcript headlines for each stock on their News Headlines pages (example: Nasdaq's AAPL "News Headlines" page).

Today, we're delighted to expand our partnership by bringing Nasdaq headlines to Seeking Alpha, so that our readers and contributors can follow developments about Nasdaq companies more effectively.

In the "From Other Sites" section on the "Latest" tab of Seeking Alpha quote-pages (and also in the "Other News and PR" sidebar on the "Breaking News" tab), you can find headlines from Nasdaq's website.

These provide useful information and updates reporting and analyzing developments and events for Nasdaq-traded companies, including:

  • market ranks and company valuations (example: comparisons to Denbury Resources)

  • insider transactions (example: El Pollo Loco on Wednesday)

  • top moving stocks on the Nasdaq exchange (example: Fastenal on Wednesday)

  • notification when a stock exceeds its moving averages (example: Rockwell Automation on Wednesday)

  • and much more...

This article is the first in a series of updates highlighting Seeking Alpha's partnerships with other websites, platforms and investing and trading tools and services. We look forward to sharing frequent updates about our partnerships.

Adam Jackson, Director, Content Partnerships: part of the Business Development team headed by Guy Cohen.