Stocks to Watch This Week

by: VFC's Stock House

Stocks worth keeping an eye on.

Radient Pharmaceuticals (RPC): Shares of Radient were up by 35% on Friday, after having crashed over the past few weeks when the company was unable to pay off some of its debt when it came due. highlighted last week the point that Radient's former partner in India has failed to come through with a promised payment - even though TheStreet's biotech blogger had previously told us that the partner didn't exist - but the company then announced that it has signed another major partner in India that will provide the company with some much-needed finances.

This story is always full of drama, it usually is when TheStreet is involved, but worth watching.

Gilead Sciences (NASDAQ:GILD): In the April 24th segment of News, Notes & Weekly Stock Watch, I mentioned the potential significance of Gilead raising the prices for some its most popular HIV drugs.

It didn't seem like too wise an idea in the midst of an economic melt-down, especially when many of the politicians in office, including the guy at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, have the pharmaceutical sector in the cross-hairs right now.

I couldn't help but recall those price hikes when news hit the wires on Friday that Gilead had in fact been issued a subpoena from the United States attorney's office in the northern district of California regarding the company's manufacturing and quality and distribution practices.

It's likely that this subpoena is unrelated to the HIV drug price hikes, but timing is everything - and as I said above, the timing of those price increases stunk.

Sometimes it's best to just not draw any attention to yourself, and in the middle of a recession that the politicians are playing up to be a repeat of the Great Depression, you don't become THAT GUY who is taking money out of the little guy's pocket.

Then again, how is what Gilead did any different than the big boys in Washington wanting to raise our taxes right now?

Will be interesting to see how this story develops.

Avanir (NASDAQ:AVNR): With the market playing out the way it is, Avanir might be in for some volatile times. It'll most likely take news of a partnership or a significant increase in sales to ward off the current decline, especially since the Congress looks to be poking its fingers into the inner workings of the Avanir engine.

This one still has some long term potential, in my opinion, so the dip might be a pleasant one for investors looking to hold for a while.

It's worth keeping an eye on the actions of Congress, however.

With the attention paid to Avanir's Nuedexta pricing, and also given the Gilead subpoena, it might be open season on the pharmaceutical business.

After all, it's election season now - everyone needs a scape goat. And too much time has passed to keep blaming Bush for all of today's problems.

MedClean Technologies (MCLN.OB): MedClean Technologies has already been a winner for traders this year, and now that the stock has slipped back to its pre-run levels, it might be worth taking a look at again.

In recent news, the company announced a significant distribution partnership with Covidien (COV) to promote its products.

MedClean's products have potential in the green disposal of medical waste, but that years-long potential has yet to pay off with a sustained higher share price.

For the trading action, however, keep an eye on it.

Generex Biotechnology (OTCPK:GNBT): Shareholders overwhelmingly approved the Generex reverse split vote last week, a vote that ushers in a new age for the company at a time when focus is keyed on Antigen Express and AE-37.

Shares remained flat after the news was announced, indicating that the RS may already be baked into the price, but it's sink or swim time now for new management, who have invested heavily into winning this vote.

Let's see what's next. Still haven't seen an official update on the status of Oral-lyn.


Cytosorbents (CTSO.OB): Like the Little Engine That Could, CTSO is chuggin' along trying to maintain a share price of twenty-cents-plus.

A letter to shareholders last week called for patience, as CEO & Co are taking a deliberate and methodical path with the launch of CytoSorb, but should partnership and/or news of positive secondaries hit the wires in the meantime, then another upward push could materialize.

Capstone Turbine Corp. (NASDAQ:CPST): Capstone Turbine is set to announce earnings on Tuesday. The company has realized some significant sales increased over the past couple of quarters, and investors will expect more of the same from last quarter.

Titan Pharma (NASDAQ:TTNP): A volatile week last week, and what about those Probuphine results? Must be getting close now.

Amarin (NASDAQ:AMRN): Shares dipped fairly significantly last week after the CEO suggested that he was in no rush to find a partner or buyer for the company's lead product candidate.

It's probable, in my opinion, that the the dip was an overreaction. If that's the case, then a rebound will be in the works over the short term, but if the slide continues, then AMRN will become a pretty attractive buy, I'd think.

Keep an eye on it.

FuelCell Energy (NASDAQ:FCEL): An impressive spike to nearly two bucks last month proved to be short-lived, with shares closing last week right where they started before the run.

Will it rebound?

Worth watching to find out.

Multicell Techs (OTCPK:MCET): Another short-lived run. Shares are steadily falling back to the previously-traded sub-penny levels, but it's still one to keep on the radar as MCET has already realized two significant runs this year.

Gotta have a quick trigger finger to keep up with this one.

The Market: With the DOW below 12,000 again and sentiment turning negative, quite a few buying opportunities may present themselves over the coming week. Keep a close eye, and feel free to throw some suggestions and ideas the way of VFC's Stock House readers.

Enjoy the week.

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