Bohr Portfolio Update

Includes: HYG, TLT, VEU, VOE, VOT
by: Lowell Herr

Although not scheduled until later in the month, a number of limit orders were struck last week in the Bohr Portfolio while I was in New England for an investment meeting. The asset allocation plan is coming into focus with this portfolio as the stock market continues to decline. Examine the Dashboard shown below to illustrate what I mean.

Excluding cash, we have four asset classes out of balance. Limit orders are in place for each of these asset classes. I plan to sell shares in HYG so as to bring down the bond-income asset class percentage. This week, dividends were added on June 6th, and shares of VOT were added bringing mid-cap growth within the 25% threshold limit. Fifty shares of VEU were added moving developed international equities into balance. I sold shares of TLT and added 40 shares of VOE. Mid-Cap Value is still below target even with the VOE purchase. With commission free ETFs, I buy in smaller amounts hoping to pick up additional shares at lower prices.

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The following slide shows the performance and benchmarks for the Bohr. This is a mid-day update so the VTSMX benchmark is not current. However, the portfolio is matching the ITA Index and it has a nice lead on the VTSMX and VFINX benchmarks. The Retirement Ratio is a healthy 2.4.

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If anyone has a better name for the Retirement Ratio, I am open to new suggestions. I don't want to attach my name, and ITA Ratio is too close to ITA Index.

I am trying to catch up after a trip east for an investment meeting. If anyone has any questions, place them in one of the Comment boxes and I will answer.

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