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The annualized spread is big (39.84%) and the conditions are not a problem.

Mutual funds are selling their stakes in oil & gas companies and this has increased the spread.

The recent decline in crude oil is a very good rationale for firms to consolidate.


On Oct. 13, 2014, Targa Resources Partners L.P (NYSE:NGLS) (Targa) and Atlas Pipeline Partners (NYSE:APL) ("Atlas") announced the signing of a merger agreement under which Targa will acquire Atlas. Under the agreement the shareholders of Atlas will receive 0.5846 common units of Targa and $1.26 in cash per share.

The buyer group, as well as the target, is a provider of midstream natural gas and NGL services in the U.S. Targa is buying the group Atlas for a total amount of $5 billion. However, in this article we will only discuss the acquisition of one of the partnerships of the group, Atlas Pipeline Partners.

Deal Details

In order to make a quick review of the terms of the transaction I have prepared the following table, including: the type of buyer and the type of target with links to find information about them, the conditions and the potential profit.

Transaction: Atlas Pipeline Partners, L.P. To Be Acquired By Targa Resources Partners L.P


Nationality: U.S.

Private/Public: Public

Market cap/AUM: $12.5 B

Strategic/Financial: Strategic
Hostile: No


Yahoo Finance



Nationality: U.S.
Price: 0.5846 NGLS + $1.26 in cash

Market cap: $5 B
Sector: Basic Materials

Yahoo Finance


Cash/stock: cash + stock
Premium: 15%

Termination fee: partnership 6% / Parent 3%

Merger approval: 50%

Antitrust: HSR Act

Financing condition: No

Special conditions: No
Go-shop: No

No solicitation of transactions: Yes

Availability of funds: Debt Financing Commitments

Press release / SEC Filing

12/8/2014 Spread: 9.96 %

12/8/2014 Annualized Spread: 39.84 %

Expected termination date: First half of 2015

Spread Calculation

The press release reads:

"Atlas Pipeline limited partner unitholders will receive a fixed ratio of 0.5846 units of Targa Resources Partners L.P. and $1.26 in cash for each outstanding Atlas Pipeline common unit. To increase cash flow at NGLS, its' general partner has agreed to reduce ("give-back") substantial cash flow of their incentive distribution rights over the next four years."

Therefore, the value of the offer on Dec. 12, 2014 was:

Cash consideration = $1.26 in cash

Stock consideration = 0.5846 * 43.55 (Targa) = $25.45

Therefore, the total amount is $26.71.

The spread is:

(26.71/24.29)-1)*100 = 9.96%

Assuming that the transaction will close in 3 months, the calculation of the annualized spread is:

9.96% * 12/3 = 39.84%

How do we explain the spread?

The spread is very large because of the recent decrease of oil price. If we take a look at the spread on Oct. 18, 2014:

Cash consideration = $1.26 in cash

Stock consideration = 0.5846 * 63.07 (Targa) = $36.87

Therefore, the total amount is $38.13.

The spread is:

(38.13/36.46)-1)*100 = 4.5%

In my opinion, the increase in the spread is due to big funds, which are selling gas Oil and Gas companies. The conditions of the merger agreement did not change. Therefore, I think that this spread is too large for the risk we are taking.

In addition, the merger agreement conditions are not a problem. The deal is not subject to many regulatory conditions (HSR Act only) and the deal is expected to close early (first half of 2015).

Investment idea and conclusion

I really like the symmetry of this transaction. We only risk 15% (premium) of the position. The annualized spread to gain is huge (39.84%) and it is not caused by the merger conditions, but because the big mutual funds are selling oil and gas companies like the buyer group.

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