Delta Air Lines: How New Efficient Aircraft Will Boost Results In The Future (Part 3)

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Fuel efficient wide body aircraft will boost profit.

A330neo can be used to replace A330ceo as well.

Part commonality with A330ceo will lower costs.

In this series of articles I am focusing on the Delta Air Lines (NYSE:DAL) fleet renewal and how this might boost profit.

Since there will be a few replacements I will also make a few comparisons:

  1. Part 1: Boeing 747-400 versus the Airbus A350-900
  2. Part 2: Boeing 767-300ER(NYSE:W) versus the Airbus A330-900neo
  3. Part 3: Airbus A330-300 versus the Airbus A330-900neo (subject of this article)

In this article I will deal with the improvements that the Airbus A330-300 compared to the Airbus A330-900neo. Although the Airbus A330-900neo has not been ordered to replace the Airbus A330-300 it can certainly be used as a replacement on the longer routes.

In this analysis I will consider a flight from Atlanta to Amsterdam, which has a trip distance of 3819 nm. The route is flown daily, assuming no changes to the schedule the flight is operated 365 times per year.

The ticket prices are as follows:

Business class: $8613.60

Economy Comfort: $3229.60

Economy Class: $3229.60

Table 3 shows the configuration used for the calculations.

Table 3: Configuration used for the calculations

For these calculations I have used the Airbus A330-900neo the way Airbus has been marketing it: A more efficient aircraft with 10 more revenue generating seats.

Figure 9: Effect of changing from the Airbus A330-300 to the Airbus A330-900neo (Source: Dhierin-Perkash Bechai)

As can be seen the increase in weight is compensated for by increased efficiency and higher capacity.

Per flight the change from the Airbus A330-300 to the Airbus A330-900neo means the following:

Figure 7: Effect of changing from the Airbus A330-300 to the Airbus A330-900neo for the financials (Source: Dhierin-Perkash Bechai)

Profit is mainly driven by higher revenue and lower fuel costs. Although revenue increases only 3% in terms of absolute values it is still the bigger contributor to the increase in profit.

Fuel costs per seat-mile are $0.048 for the Airbus A330-300xeo versus $0.042 for the Airbus A330-900neo.

This shows that on the longer routes the Airbus A330-900neo can certainly be used as a replacement for the Airbus A330-300.

Conclusion for the entire series of articles

  • In all 3 comparisons the newly bought aircraft end up on top as was to be expected
  • The Boeing 747-400 will be replaced by the smaller Airbus A350-900, which allows for an increase in frequency that subsequently will boost revenue and profit
  • The Boeing 767-300ER will be replaced by the bigger Airbus A330-900neo, the capacity increase as well and better efficiency will boost revenue and profit
  • With the order for 50 fuel efficient wide bodies Delta assured itself of solid revenue and profit growth

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