Two Australian Banks That Just Keep Going Up

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roger nusbaumRoger Nusbaum submits: I found this little nugget about the Australian Banks on a site called The Stock Advisors written by Jon Markman.

He is bullish on the two of them in particular: National Australia Bank (NAB) and Australia and New Zealand Banking (ANZ).

I first disclosed owning ANZ for clients a little over two years ago in a post referring to my first appearance of Forbes on Fox (the gang at Fox has since decided I have a face for radio). ANZ has been in client accounts for four years (--the couple that have been with me that long).

Over the long run ANZ has done very well relative to the NYSE listed bunch, but over short periods of time they all have their turn as the top performer. These stocks, ANZ more specifically as I know that one the best, tend to have very high yields/low volatility and just sort of chug along higher. I think they are great holds for the long term.

The nature of the way they trade seems to be they do nothing for months, and then will shoot up 10-15% in no time at all.

National Australia Bank 26 02 2007 Chart Australia New Zealand Banking 26 02 2007 Chart