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According to AppleInsider sales of the new iPod Nano are slower than expected, despite, shockingly, the approval of the media and lots of blogger-love, writes The Stalwart:

A couple of Apple retail stores in California, which last week received over 1400 iPod nanos, said they sold only a couple of hundred units by Saturday. This despite favorable reviews from both analysts and the media.

"Our checks indicate good, but not great initial sales of iPod nano," said Shaw Wu, an analyst for American Technology Research. "This may be surprising given the consensus view from both the investment community and technology reviewers that the iPod nano would be a big success."

According to the analyst, many Apple stores who were contacted reported selling only 200-500 of their initial 1800-2500 iPod nano allocation. Additionally, Wu confirms earlier reports that the black iPod nano is greatly outselling the white models.

"Good, but not great" is codeword for bad, in Apple-speak. Perhaps, it's a sign of the U.S. consumer, starting to feel a little tapped. Perhaps, people with two ipods don't need to buy a third (just kidding). Perhaps, most importantly, you can't keep releasing, the same product, and expect people to buy it just cause you've changed the size and the color. Still, none of that seems to worry investors who pushed the stock to an all-time high yesterday, before pulling back slightly.

And in other Apple (NASD: AAPL) news, it looks like they're set to start selling music videos over iTunes.


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