Harrah's Entertainment CIO on Attracting Customers

| About: Harrah's Entertainment (HET)
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In this CIO Sessions video, Harrah's Entertainment (HET) CIO Tim Stanley talks about his high-tech vision for attracting customers to the world’s most popular casino destinations, from implementing business intelligence software to deploying wireless gadgets and RFID.

Stanley is also Harrah's chief innovation officer. As part of his innovation mission, he focuses on commercializing technology as well as or better than competitors.

"There’s just a vast array of cool and interesting technologies and non-technological processes and business approaches that we think are pretty neat and it's all about how you implement and execute those in my experience. Particularly in the size and scale and amount of customers we interact with each and every day and the employee side as well," Stanley said.

Harrah's is creating test sites across more than 40 properties in North American to try out new concepts. "Many of the best ideas actually either come from or are tweaked or modified by folks who are dealing with customers or operations day to day," Stanley told me.