Guidelines for job related and other postings

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Seeking Alpha is the only web site to offer entirely free listings for jobs, research, office space and services for the hedge fund community, both for employers and individuals. To view job listings or to post a listing, just add a comment or view the comments under the relevant category.

Here are the categories:
Individuals looking for jobs with hedge funds, mutual funds and independent research organizations have listings here.
Hedge funds and mutual funds looking to hire have listings here.
Recruitment firms offering jobs on behalf of funds have listings here.
Firms and consultants providing research and data services to hedge funds and mutual funds have listings here.
Hedge funds, research organizations or related businesses looking for office space or offering office space have listings here.
Firms providing non-research services to hedge funds such as accounting, marketing, prime brokerage, insurance, IT and other back office services have listings here.

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Some guidelines about posting (please continue reading):

  1. Feel free to describe your hedge fund or firm, but please don't use this board for excessive free advertising.
  2. Include a specific contact name and phone number where possible.
  3. If you need to contact Seeking Alpha to have a posting removed, you can do so here

To suggest other categories of listings, please leave a comment below.