3 Dividend Stocks With High Yields And Aggressive Insider Action

Includes: CTL, DDIC, OSGB
by: Tactical Investor
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CenturyLink, Inc. (NYSE:CTL)
Founded in 1968 and located in Monroe, Louisiana, operates as an integrated communications company. It is a leading provider of internet and voice services and is the nation’s third largest telecom company. Revenues surged 149% in the last quarter, and it enjoys a respectable 23.6% operating margins.
  1. CEO Glen Post purchased 10,000 shares, at cost of $33.63-$33.79 a share, bringing his total holdings to 705,287 shares.
  2. Director P. Harvey purchased 8,000 shares at a cost of $32.63 a share, bringing his total holdings 66,709.
  3. Director V. Boulet purchased 7,012 shares at a cost of $33.58 per share. Her total stake in the company is now at 22,355 shares.
  4. R. Nichols purchased 3,000 shares at a cost of $32.63 shares bringing his total holdings to 15,396 shares.
Additional Info
  • It is a fortune 500 company
  • 5 year dividend average of 5.9%
  • Paying dividends since 1974
  • % shares held by institutions: 90.89%
Overseas Ship Holding Group, Inc., (NYSE:OSG)
OSG was founded in 1948 and is based in New York, New York. It is a tanker company, is involved with transportation of crude oil and petroleum products. As of December 31, 2010, it’s owned, and operated, 122 vessels that include 95 international flag vessels and 27 the United States flag vessels.
From Aug 23 to Sept 6, insiders have been aggressively purchasing stock in OSG:
  1. Director O. Recanati purchased 307,605 shares between Aug 23 and Sept 6 at a cost of $15.00-$16.23 a share, bringing his total stake to 1,309,315 shares.
  2. Director C. Fribourg purchased 128,695 shares in the same time period at a cost of $15-$18.75 a share, brining his total holdings to 99,869 shares with this purchase. On a percentage basis, these purchases were rather aggressive for they increased his stake in excess of 14%.
Additional Info
  • 5 year dividend average of 4.6%
  • Paying dividends since 1990
  • % shares held by institutions: 97.9%
  • 44.90% of the float has been sold short- any positive news could create a short squeeze, and this could produce a relatively large move in price of the stock. In addition, it is selling for less than half of book value.
Founded in 1978 and headquartered in Anaheim, California provides printed circuit board (PCB) engineering and manufacturing services primarily in North America. It offers its products and services to a range of sectors, including aerospace, military, medical, high durability commercial markets, etc.
  • Director Riley purchased 117,954 shares between Aug 19 and Sept 6 at a cost of $6.75-$7.15 a share. His total holdings are now 287,722 shares.
  • Officer H. Williams purchased 10,000 shares on Sept 6 at a cost of $6.75 a share bringing his net holdings to 68, 667shares.

Additional Info

  • Paying dividends since 2010
  • % shares held by institutions: 58.89%
In general it pays to follow insiders, because they know the inner workings of their companies and if they are buying it’s usually for a good reason. When the stocks also pay significant dividends then it makes them all the more attractive. This is part 2 of our series. For a list of other dividend stocks with significant insider activity read our earlier article on the subject 5 Dividend Stocks With Significant Insider Activity . Some investors are only interested in high yielding stocks; if you happen to fall under this category ,then this article 5 Dividend Sizzlers In The S&P 500 With Yields As High As 10.9% could provide you with some ideas.

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.